Family Funeral September 2021

Dear Andrew,
Thank you for the wonderful videographing you did for our mom’s funeral at the Hornsby Cathedral, Waitara on 8 September 2021. Our audience was diverse and included local Australian, as well as overseas attendees (from the U.S., France, Spain and the Philippines). None experienced technical issues with pixelated images, breaks in the livestreaming, garbled or lagging audio. Many of them were impressed with the ease of access to the site and especially the clearness of both the imagery and audio.
We greatly appreciate your prompt responses pre-funeral and even now, after things have settled. Your help was invaluable during that difficult time and we are so grateful to have this ” funeral centre” that we can return to every now and again and which we intend to save some months down the road as our own permanent record.

The Razon Family

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